The Population of Singapore (Third Edition)

Saw Swee-Hock
ISBN: 978-981-4380-31-7, Soft cover
Pub Date: 2012, No. of pages: 362
Publisher: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
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The third edition of this book presents a most comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of population trends and patterns in Singapore since its foundation in 1819 to the present day. Separate chapters are devoted to population growth and distribution, changing population structure, migration, mortality trends and differentials, marriage trends and patterns, divorce trends and patterns, fertility trends and differentials, family planning, abortion and sterilisation, fertility policies and programmes, immigration policies and programmes, labour force and future population trends. The strength of the book lies in the authors deep familiarity with the subject acquired through some personal involvement in the compilation of demographic statistics, as well as the formulation of population policies for the country.

Table of Contents
The Population of Singapore (Third Edition)
Preliminary pages
1. Background
2. Population Growth and Distribution
3. Changing Population Structure
4. Migration
5. Mortality Trends and Differentials
6. Marriage Trends and Patterns
7. Divorce Trends and Patterns
8. Fertility Trends and Differentials
9. Family Planning, Abortion and Sterilisation
10. Fertility Policies and Programmes
11. Immigration Policies and Programmes
12. Labour Force
13. Future Population Trends
Appendix: Sources of Demographic Statistics


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